Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Minor Freak-Out

Things have been slowly progressing with the wedding, having reserved the tiny Duncan Memorial Chapel for the ceremony. I have chosen my five bridesmaids, and my fiance is still working on the groomsmen list. However, last night and this morning, I was having a minor freak-out...

I final picked out a bridesmaid dress (retail, however we are adding a handmade sash!), only to get a call from my mom last night saying it is on clearance. Then, I tried to go to the website... only to find that it was down for maintenance!!! I had to wait until this morning, and I did find that it was $50 off. I called the special event coordinating for the company, and she assured me it is just a sale price, that the color I want (black) will still be around in the spring. I feel much better now... plus, if my girls order early (i.e. today!), they can get a great deal!

I'm sure some of you are wondering... why not order handmade dresses? Or, make them yourself? As much as I would love to, I think that would be very difficult to do with five girls, two of whom don't live here. I did find several dresses I liked on Etsy, but for my own sanity I needed to choose an option that wouldn't give me anxiety attacks. We are probably going to add a light blue sash to the dress, so there is a handmade element!

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