Monday, April 20, 2009

Invitations - Part 1

The big day is quickly approaching (less than 3 months!!) and I'm finally getting started on all the handmade projects. First up, invitations. My good friend, who is just as detail-oriented as I am, came over to help on Friday night. We were up until late, late, late, (uh, so late that she started gluing scraps to her forehead and I had to stop cutting because I couldn't see straight) and while we didn't finish, we did get a good chunk done.

Here you can see some of the assembly of the invitations. The glue we are using is actually an adhesive tape web thing. It is awesome!!!! Sticks quickly and there are no bumps or lumps.

These are some of the assembled strips -- the black and white pattern on top of black cardstock.

Next, each the tape-glue stuff is applied to the back of the cardstock strip, and it is adhered to the reply card (it is also being put on the invitation itself). I left the edges long so that it could be trimmed to fit the card, which is a whole lot easier than measuring each strip precisely.

And, here is a big stack of reply cards, all ready to go! I made about 100, which is a bit more than needed, but it is always better to make more, than run out later.

Today I worked on the invitations themselves, but I ran out of the glue-tape stuff. So... I'll be working on them again tomorrow night, and hopefully I'll post more photos!

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