Monday, July 6, 2009

Less than two weeks... Oh My!

Whew. I have been insanely busy with the long school year, trainings, and of course... getting ready for the wedding! Less than two weeks to go, and I have TONS of handmade wedding ideas to share with you. First up, the invitations.

What a process. Printing, cutting, gluing, punching, tying, oh my. Above, you can see the hand punched tags with each guest's name (they were tied with ribbon on the outside of the inner back folder, which also had a patterned band around it) and the envelopes with the hand-cut black liners.

Here they are, all ready to go! Stacked up neatly inside a box and ready to carry to the post office. What a relief!

And, there I am... putting all my hard work into the hands of the post office. Yes, I had to be corny and take pictures of me and my fiance mailing the invitations!

So, finally the invitations were done and I could begin working on all the other handmade aspects of the wedding... table numbers, candy buffet signs, boutonnieres, necklaces for the bridesmaids, place cards, flower girls baskets, take-out containers for the candy, centerpieces... Check back for more!

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