Saturday, October 18, 2008

List: Brainstorming What to Make

Here is my current list of things I think I am going to make for the wedding:
- flower headbands for the flower girls
- baskets for the flower girls
- guest book
- boutonnieres
- place cards
- table numbers
- cake stand
- invitations
- flower for my hair
- fresh flower bouquets for bridesmaids and myself
- centerpieces
- ceremony programs
- favors

(Some of these things aren't nearly as simple as they seem -- I can't have just a normal guest book, table numbers, place cards, etc.!)

Things I am definitely not making myself:
- food (I'm not insane, there is no way I could tackle food for 150!)
- cake (Again, probably not a good idea for me to try to make a cake for 150)
- dress (more on this later)


Mcrae1021 said...

Hi! I saw your cute fabric thumbtacks on your etsy page. I was wondering where you get all of your fabric from? I am getting married in June, and I am trying to find some fabric that so that I can have some fun tableclothes for the outdoor high tops at the reception. THANKS!!

Jamieson said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!

I buy from a variety of sources, but one of my favorite online shops is I also love and One of my favorite fabric designers is Heather Bailey, and she has her own shop at