Saturday, October 18, 2008

Purchased: Flower Girl Baskets

Ordinary Flower girl baskets just won't do. The ones I purchased will be painted and embellished until they no longer look like boring old baskets. Here is what the $2 baskets look like now:

First, I am going to spray paint them (white?). Next, I am going to make a gathered fabric sleeve for the handle. I checked to make sure that I can remove the handle (at least one side) in order to slip on the fabric sleeve. The handle is held on with what is basically a large brad, and once I pried it out, the handle came loose.

After putting the fabric handle cover on, I am going to use ribbons to embellish the bottom. I think it will be something like this Martha Stewart project. See page two of the article to see what the finished hanging ribbons look like.

I'll post more pictures as the project moves along. We have to finalize colors before I can continue!

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