Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taking a Break... Sort of!

Even though I have several more wedding projects on the list (place cards, programs, candy buffet cards, flower girl baskets, etc.), I decided I would take a break from the wedding projects today. Sort of. Today I worked on gifts for my flower girls and ring bearer. I also worked on two things for myself for the honeymoon!

For the flower girls and the ring bearer, I wanted to make/give something that they would be able to use at the reception. I decided on a crayon roll, but then I though, well, maybe these older kids are too cool for crayons. So, I decided on colored pencils... but then I realized that you have to sharpen colored pencils and that is such a pain. Finally, I settled on the Crayola twistable pencils! Since I was making up my own pattern, I had to do a lot of math inside my head. (Really, I need to start writing the patterns down, as I can never remember them when I try to make them again later.) Basically, from three fat quarters of quilting fabric you can make two of these rolls. For the two flower girls, I used a navy blue floral by Erin McMorris for the outside and coordinating fabrics for the inside (see photo above). My ring bearer was harder to choose fabric for. I had in my class two years ago, and I know he likes cameo print and skulls. Who knew that they made cameo skull print fabric?!?! Not my taste, but I know he will love it!

Next, I decided to make a colored pencil roll for myself, in my favorite colors, black and white.

Just kidding! It is a make-up brush roll! Same idea, but I made the pockets in different sizes to accomodate the different brushes, etc. I had some extra room at the end, in case I ever end up with more brushes. This will be perfect for my trip to Hawaii :)

And yet another roll! Okay, this one really folds up instead of rolling up. And... I actually wrote this pattern down! It was a bit more involved than the rolls. I really needed something to store all of my jewelry in when I go on the honeymoon. I always just stick it in a bag and everything gets all tangled up. My plan was to create a roll (which ended up being a fold-up) with a ton of pockets in different sizes.

It is hard to tell from the photo, but the inside of this jewelry fold-up has lots o' pockets (the large print floral fabric is where the pockets are). Some are teeny-tiny (1" square), some are medium (2" square, 2" by 3"), and some are large (2.5" by 5"). I didn't use zippers because, well, I hate sewing in zippers. Plus, my zipper foot is missing (very convenient!). I also added a layer of batting between the outer and inner fabrics for padding to help protect the jewelry.

Not a very productive day in terms of getting any wedding projects crossed off the list... but a productive day overall, I think!

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